It is important to us that our viewers and patrons are well cared for, and have the best service providers available to them. 
Each one of our preferred vendors has been vetted and has met each of our four vendor standards:  top of class, ethical, flexible, and affordable.
Please let us know if you have a need not addressed here, and we will do our best to make an introduction for you. 

Career Launch Preferred Vendors:

True Experience SS.jpg

Insurance & Investments

From health insurance to homeowner coverage, True Experience has your back!

They will take the time to really get to know you and understand your needs so that, together, you can find the policies that best fit your needs and budget.  

Social Profile Elevation & 401k Rollover

Trevor Houston is the CEO of ClearPath Wealth Strategies, LLC who has immense expertise in helping job seekers take control over the financial impact of job loss.

He specializes in handling 401k rollovers, as well as, helping job seekers get noticed to create opportunities and regain their main source of income.

Check him out in Forbes!

Oneie SS.jpg

Entrepreneur Education

ONE i/e is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development, education and growth of entrepreneurs. By focusing on education, mentorship, community building, advocacy, and research they are able to address the needs of entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey, including youth!

Dan Irvin Professional Headshot.JPG

Leadership Development & Speaking

Dan is consistently referenced on both Career Launch Live and WhoYaKnow!

As a former CEO and COO, Dan helps leaders remove distractions so that they can lead intentional, fulfilled, and meaningful lives. He brings fun and livelihood into every project and presentation  

Anna M SS.jpg

Career BFF!

Anna has personality plus, plus, plus and brings that into everything that she does!

Going through a career change can be really tough, but Anna can guide you along the journey from discerning your best career path to interview and growth strategy. 

Titan SS.png

Recruiting and Employee Relations

From direct-hire recruiting to employee relations and mass hire events, Titan is here to help you scale effectively!

They work hands-on as part of your team, and can handle every part of the process. 

Their direct-hire prices range from 8%-12%, and project-based options are available. 



Sunny SS.png

Author and Keynote Speaker

Sunny is a high-energy, jovial international presenter, and we love his metaphors!

He would bring life to any event in which he can discuss the leadership mindset.

Virtual events are currently preferred, but he is open to travel as appropriate.  

Andi SS.png

Resume Writing and LinkedIn Profile Boost

Maximize Your Job Search with Andi Cook is a terrific, supportive service!

From creating an effective resume to LinkedIn profile optimization, Andi knows all the tricks to help you land that  

Foster 3.png

The Job Father, Foster Williams

If you're a fan of our show, or WYK, then the Job Father is no stranger to you!

Foster runs several DFW networking groups, Search 4 U (a site where companies and candidates come together), and hosts the WYK Show. 

Everyone should know Foster. Trust us.  


Diversity & Inclusion, Minority Career Assistance

DeAnnah, CEO of E3, has a fun, assertive, and professional approach to diversity and inclusion. This carries over into her passion, helping minorities grow in their careers. Whether you're a company needing to evolve, or a professional wanting to advance, DeAnnah makes a wonderful partner! 


New York Life And WhoYaKnow

Mark is known for his dad jokes and level head in the WhoYaKnow family, but he's also a long-time insurance professional through New York Life!

So whether you need to make a professional connection, or need some help selecting a plan, Mark is a terrific contact! 

Team Training& Employee Relations

Do you want your company to have a Google-quality workplace? To elevate your organization and perfect your company culture, Sejal, CCO of TrainXtra, is your partner!

Her motto is "cultivate civility". 

She'll take you to the next level!



Katherine McCord is the creator and Host of Career Launch Live as well as the President of the break through recruiting and consulting firm Titan Management. 

Katherine has a passion for helping people grow professionally and entrepreneurs reach their goals. She also spends a good deal of time aiding in animal rescue and awareness concerns. 

Connect with her on LinkedIn



We believe in, and follow, all EEOC and ADA regulations in our professional practices, and encourage these principles on the show. We also encourage diversity and inclusion in all organizations. 

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