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Katherine McCord

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Career Launch is passionate about giving back to the community. ... This was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Keep up the good work Career Launch!

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Career Launch Live, the collaborative effort of Katherine McCord, President of the disruptive people operations and inclusion firm, Titan Management, and Nina Modi, an accomplished technology and project management professional, is all about the positive evolution of the workplace. The show is both live and a recorded podcast, and we tackle everything from discrimination and inclusion to payday law, leadership, and mental health in the workplace. 

Our live shows feature international guests, inspiration, education, and LIVE responses to comments and audience questions!

This show is not for profit, and our most watched platform is LinkedIn. 

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Katherine McCord, an international speaker, Board Member of The Octopus Movement, and Founding President of Titan Management lives for her three missions: integrity, inclusion, and innovation! She even designed the first-ever anti-discrimination Applicant Tracking System, Titan ATS, based on those principles.

Her focus with Career Launch Live is to give back to professionals while improving the job market across the nation by spreading best practices and innovative ideas, all while having fun! 

Katherine also spends a good deal of time aiding in animal rescue, local charities, and in promoting equality and human rights.

Connect with her on LinkedIn

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